Acid anonymous 09

These are designs I made for a new 12″ vinyl record sleeve for Acid Anonymous. Rinse has his very own typical Dutch sound that no one can replicate. It could be described as hardcore acid with deep mental sounds and basses that change with building climaxes. His energy flows from his music and goes straight to the crowd and it’s brain, an intoxicating mix of beats, basses and squelchy sounds that make you go mad. I am a huge fan of his productions and live sets.

One of the tracks on this future EP is called ” the door”.  Soundsystem speaker walls are an important part of the soundsystem culture so the idea came up to make the biggest boldest speaker wall you could ever imagine with a door inside. To what is this door leading? is it a different world, is it a party. On the front first I wanted to place Rinse in AA spacesuit with on the helmet the AA logo in 3d. As I am not an 3d Artist this was quite challenging to get the logo on a round shape. Rinse thought his face being so pontifical on the front was a bit to much, so we decided to changed it to the magical door. The door in the speakerwall from more up close. So Rinse’s face came on the label on the records. I also designed the Acid Anonymous type logo.

So was intended because unfortunately the record still isn’t released